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Project PanInRes

The impact of pandemic-driven acceleration and lockdown on the independence of biomedical research

In this add-on to the research project “The Independence of Research as a Multilevel Problem: Interdisciplinary and Methodological Challenges” we ask how two pandemic-driven radical changes of conditions for research affect the independence of biomedical research:

For research relevant to fighting the pandemic, we ask how the perceived time pressure and expectations concerning immediate results affect the communication practices and thus the independence of epistemic judgments of scientific communities. We would like to know whether – and if so, how – perceived time pressure leads to changes in the application of standards of scientific communication. We are also interested to learn whether known violations of academic standards like biases in industry-funded research persist.

For research that is not relevant to fighting the pandemic, we ask how pandemic-driven interruptions of research through the closure of laboratory buildings and libraries, or interrupted deliveries of materials and equipment affect the independence of young researchers on fixed-term group leader positions.


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